Front Door Remote Access Web Portal and Extra Features

Lock it Up

I have created an open source (to be published when finished) front door (and eventually garage door) status and access system. I purchased a kevo lock and did not like that everyone had to have a kevo account and app to use it.

I reverse engineered the commands to get status, open and close the deadbolt and wrote a PHP application that used a google federated login to allow access even more flexibily than kevo itself. It can setup a guest to be an anytime guest; a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly guest; or a scheduled in advance guest during a specifically set time.

The system logs access, requests access for new users, pulls in google profile info, allows the owner to manage users, allows users to revoke the systems permissions, and even gives you open / close events --- even if you do not use the application. The icing on the cake is that it will also tell you when your door has been unlocked for an extended amount of time so you can close it.

This is ideal if you are having a party, a person that you need to let in to take care of a pet, or allowing a cleaning service to enter your home at specific times.

I hope to extend this to a garage door based system of similar functionality before publishing.

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The application main interface
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Application emails when door is ajar - a feature not offered by the maker
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Adding a guest that requested access and selecting a role
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Configuring granular access for the guest

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