Project Portfolio

Feel free to collapse or expand the project listings relvant your interests. Many of these projects have sub-projects within and some even refer to other interconnected projects. Such projects are linked together inside their descriptions as well. I've got some projects and details that are best reserved for in person discussions if you'd like to dive a bit deeper.

Personal Projects expand_more

Front Door Remote Access, Guests, Scheduling, and Alerts
Dance Dance Revolution Translation, Server & Custom Content
Dance Dance Revolution I/O Drivers, MCUs, and Homebrew
Native Naomi Netbooter and Responsive Metro Frontend with Live Tiles
Para Para Paradise Translation and Asset Tools

Morningstar Projects expand_more

Identity Governance & Compliance Automation
Legacy Code Audit, Remake and Migration
Legacy Software Recreation for SOX
Upguard Core Automation and Debugging
Custom Apache HTTPD Module